Satan’s Destructive Works

Satan’s Destructive Works to Bring About the Will of Satan on Earth as It Is in Hell

By definition, there is no virtue, no goodness, no safety, no comfort in Hell, nor with those Satan directs and controls. Those caught up in his evil schemes have no power over, no escape from, Satan, demons or spirits of the dead (some of which are ancestral spirits who have died and gone to Hell). Anyone who does not know Jesus as savior and lord and does not have the Holy Spirit dwelling within and working through him does not have the seal of the Holy Spirit. He does not have any authority, power or victory over the evil ones. In our own strength we are powerless against the evil ones. The ones without the Holy Spirit (who obey Satan and do what he says) live lives which become one long night of hell (Ephesians 1:13-14). All of us who do not know Jesus as savior and Lord are dead in our transgressions and sins and we live in Satan’s power, following the ways of this world and the ruler of the kingdom of the air, the spirit who is now at work in those who are disobedient. We carry out the lowest cravings of our sinful nature to fulfill the evil desires and commands of the wicked ones (Ephesians 2:1-3).

The Sources of Shame, Self Hatred, Terror and Death

Generational Causes

We of the West do not think of ourselves as one of a continuous line with those who have lived and died before us. Most of us see life in relationship to our family and those around us. However, traditional people and those in Eastern cultures and also those of underdeveloped lands and people see life as continuous interactions between the living and the dead—the living and the ancestral spirits. In the traditional, religious world people honor and venerate the ancestors. Often they build spirit houses for the spirits of the dead and/or use masks through which to communicate with them. They pray to them, do rituals with symbolic significance before idols. They give offerings to them and the priesthood that serves the spirit world and the temples of idols. Some carry on conversations with the dark spirit world. They may serve as mediums between the living and the dead. They often make blood sacrifices to the spirits of the dead and demons. These sacrifices may be evil deeds. Generally they fall into the categories of evil, wickedness, corruption and violence. At some point they end in violent death. When a people’s allegiance to evil spirits is broad based, the collective concentrated power of evil is manifested in mass destruction, wickedness and murder. We see it as war, famine, pestilence and martyrdom of innocents. These are not rare occurrences. Unfortunately they have frightened, afflicted and destroyed the human race with dreadful historical regularity.

In the Bible, the influence of the past on us (who are alive) personally is referred to as generational sins and blessings. It is written, “I am the Lord your God…punishing the children for the sins of the fathers to the third and fourth generation of those who hate Me (do not obey my teachings) but showing love to a thousand generations of those who love me and keep my commandments” (Exodus 20:2-6). This is to say that there is succession of physical, behavioral and spiritual descent from father to son to grandson. It shows up in the lives of both men and women.

What we do matters. If we sin (and we all do) there is a negative generational consequence. If we confess our sins, He (God) is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness (I John 1:9). To sin is to disobey God’s Word and His will for our lives. When we sin we become impure and practice unrighteousness. More than that in our disobedience we give the devil a place, a base in us from which demons may operate in our lives (Ephesians 4:26,27).

Unconfessed sin from which we do not repent becomes generational sin from parent to child. Likewise, if we confess and turn away from our sins, God, Who is both faithful and just, will bless a thousand generations. This righteous act of confession and repentance blesses not just us and our children, but blesses a whole nation. “Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a disgrace to any people” (Proverbs 14:34). It matters not that we are ignorant and sin out of our ignorance.

False or Incomplete Principles and Systems of Thought


There are those who believe in fate. That is, they believe every incident in our lives is inevitable and our lives cannot be changed. Our destiny is controlled by a superior power. Every event is determined beforehand. Nothing can be altered by our choices or acts of our free will.

This is not true. Yes, it is a fact that we live in a spiritual, environmental context that is powerful and real, however, the generational weight and currents of the past can and should be confronted. With God’s help we can begin again. We are able to transcend our generational sins by acts of our will and spirit in the name of the living God. Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved (Romans 10:8-13).


The behaviorists explain the above in logical fashion with scientific experiments and clinical procedures. They place responsibility for our human calamities on physical causes and corrupt non-evidence based thought and conclusions that can never be tested. At times, this is true. However, issues like hunger, injustice, greed, corruption, evil and violence have long been with us and do their wicked deeds. A non scientific environment and a culture where the scientific is much admired and broadly practiced are alike in one crucial way: both are shot through with evil wickedness, corruption and violence. A utopia, with its perfect political and social systems, has never existed. Nor is it plausible to assume that it will in the light of present and past human history. Idealistic, imaginary perfection in human behavior is a myth. At best, environmentalists offer a partial answer to these age old problems. We are always left with questions such as, How shall we love one another and live in peace?

The New Age Pagan Thought

The neopaganism that is pervasive in many of our cultures from North to South and East to West, whether the language is English, Russian, Chinese, Spanish or one of the many dialects, reproduces destructive seed and becomes rooted in many and works its age old woes. Idolatry becomes widespread. Standards of morality and what is good, true and beautiful are redefined as valid by individual choice and belief. No man’s values and standards are better than anyone else’s. What is right or wrong is based on a continually changing consensus of thought. There is no basis of truth that grounds us in the bedrock of reality. Each person does what is right in his own eyes. This leads to moral, cultural and political chaos. We lose our way. We cannot verify if we are on our way or have wandered off the track. We are not sure we have arrived at our destination or even if the place we come to is our destination. We are lost!

When one raises up a standard of absolute truth, even if it transcends language, particular and personal history or cultures and has proved to stand and function over time, it is rejected. One hears such things as, “How narrow minded!”, “How bigoted!”, “You can’t define for me what is right for me!” and “Where do you get the right to judge me?” Where indeed!

The Bible In American Culture

Since the Reformation, Western people put the Bible into the language of the average citizens so that they could read what it said. The Reformers understood that if we had access to the truth of the Word of God, we then had the authority to make valid decisions and even judge kings, priests, judges, others and our own selves based on the Word. This overriding principle has been applied all over the world in every tongue, tribe and nation. It always transforms, redeems and gives life more abundantly.

The present effort by some in our cultural war centers around reinventing the cultural norms of our nation on something other than that of the real historical facts. Others strive to preserve and nurture our Judeo-Christian biblical roots in this present time in our history.

If the secular, humanistic, pagans succeed, they will create a huge deficit in communication and understanding. The Bible is almost universal and helps other cultures and peoples understand us.

The Bible has been translated into many languages from the biblical languages of Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek. People who read the Bible in their primary or secondary language read the same concepts, principles and world view of the Pilgrims and the Founding Fathers of our nation. This creates great understanding and helps clear communication.

There are no absolute figures available of world population and literacy. However there are accurate estimates available. The Earth’s current population as of June 2017 is 7.5 billion. Of that, the full Bible (Old and New Testaments) has been translated into 636 languages. The New Testament alone into 1,442 languages and portions of the Bible into 1,145 languages. That amounts to 3,223 languages. The accumulated number who have access to the Bible approaches 90% to 95% of the world population. These translations represent the work of translators over time. By 2025 Bible translators are working to complete the Bible in every remaining language.[1] There is no substitute for the Bible in the heart language of the people. There is no dynamic equivalent to replace God’s written Word.

Legacy and History of the Judeo-Christian Ethic

The Bible and Judeo-Christian teachings have been a dynamic part of North America’s history from its inception. The Pilgrims drew up the Mayflower Compact in November 11, 1620 while aboard ship. They chose to establish a government. It was based on majority rule and allegiance to the king.They named their settlement Plymouth. With the Mayflower Compact the Pilgrims established a social contract in which the settlers chose to consent and they agreed to follow the Compact’s rules and regulations. This civil government provided a basis of secular government in North America. Forty-one male passengers of the Mayflower signed the agreement. These people had formed a congregation in Leiden, Netherlands and stayed there eleven years as a religious community built around the written Word of God in their own English language. They were considered separatists in England and were a persecuted people under King James. They referred to themselves as saints (those who have the Holy Spirit by salvation by grace through faith), adventurers and tradesmen. Their stated purpose and motivation was, “for the Glory of God, and advancements of the Christian faith and honor of our King and Country.”[2]

The founders of the Constitution held strong religious convictions and were generally committed to an organized church. Of the fifty-five delegates to the 1787 Constitutional Convention, twenty-eight were Anglicans (The Church of England), twenty-one were Protestants, two were Roman Catholics. A few prominent Founding Fathers were anti-clerical Christians (such as Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin). There was also influence from theistic rationalism.[3]
In the absence and rejection of Judeo-Christian teachings and principles, a vacuum occurs in society and in its individual citizens. Their life’s purpose is limited to the material world, the cravings of the flesh and their sinful nature. This is universally true. This in turn leads to distruction, evil, wickedness and violence. Ultimately this produces death individually and collectively as a nation.

Where there is no revelation, no vision, the people cast off restraint and perish (Proverbs 29:18a). However, the hope and prospect of the righteous is joy, but the hopes and expectations of the wicked shall come to nothing and they and their schemes will perish (Proverbs 10:28).

What follows is a brief listing of verified court cases that illustrate the lives of people who disobeyed God’s principles and clear teachings. Their destructive and corruptive behaviors when they chose to obey and follow Satan are clearly stated.

Court Evidences of Satan’s Destructive Work

These proofs were taken from the report “Satanism and Ritual Abuse Archive” by Ellen P. Lacter, PhD. in Evidence of Ritual Abuse, January 1, 2007.[4]

The following represents a few of the court cases where the defendants were motivated by Satanism, demonic or occult forces to commit great evil. As of July 4, 2007, a Lexis Nexus search revealed more than 30 Appellate Decisions in which The Satanic Bible was mentioned.

In McCorkle v. Johnson (1989)[5] the court wrote “The prohibition on Satanic materials…requested by the plaintiff is justified.” McCorkle recounted two of the rituals espoused by The Satanic Book of Rituals. The fertility ritual included the sacrifice of a female virgin, preferably a Christian. The initiation ritual called for wrist slashing, blood drinking and the consumption of human flesh—especially fingers. The candles preferred by the plaintiff and other Satanists “are not made of wax or paraffin, instead they are made from the fat of unbaptized infants”. The plaintiff had been observed drawing his own blood, by slicing his own wrists and had asked other inmates for their blood.

In Maine v. Waterhouse (1986)[6] the appellate court quoted passages from The Satanic Bible to prove and uphold the Satanic motivation for the crime.

In Adoption of Quenten (1997)[7] the appellate noted the perpetrator had read The Satanic Bible.

In State of Idaho v. Thomas Wendell Helms[8] the dissenting judge argued for a stronger sentence against Helms. He gave his reasons based on the legal history of Helms:

As a youth Helms had sexually violated a young girl and his younger brother. He was designated a sexual predator shortly thereafter. His parole officer stated Helms had no conscience. Helms slashed the throat of one inmate and planned to murder another one. After the attack he told officers that if they had not stopped him, he planned to eviscerate the victim, pull out his internal organs and eat some of them.

Helms repeatedly displayed a fascination with homicide, cannibalism and idealized Charles Manson.

In the year 2000 he told investigators that in 1994 he was involved in the murder of a female African-American prostitute, ate her heart and assisted in cutting up her body into pieces. He also confessed to another murder at that time.

He reaffirmed that these statements were true, that he was part of a satanic cult at that time, also engaging in murder and cannibalism.

In Russell John Smith v. State of Virginia[9] the court sentenced Smith to 48 years for four counts of rape. The news reports stated that the self-described Satanist Russell John Smith, 38, a former guard at the Prince William County jail and founder of a satanic worship group on the Internet, plead guilty to four counts of rape. He claimed that most of the sex acts with a 12 year old girl were part of his satanic rituals. Police searched his home and found numerous satanic items, including robe, black candles, a goat’s skull, a pentagram and an altar. See “Virginia Fugitive arrested in Oregon” Associated Press, Sept 4, 2002; “Self-Described Satanist Sentenced to 48 Years for Rape”, Associated Press. July 25, 2003: “Sentencing Delayed for Satanist Who Raped Girl,” Associated Press, June 19, 2003; “Metro in Brief” The Washington Post, July 28, 2003.

Joseph Frank Cala II, Conviction of Murder—January 8, 2003, Fort Worth, Texas, Tarrant County Justice Center, Case No. 0822743, Joseph Frank Cala II, Conviction of Murder. [10]

The news reports stated Joseph Cala, 41, pleaded guilty to murder in the 2001 death of his 79 year old mother, Lydia M. Cala. He beat her to death, sliced her open and ate some of her heart. After a three hour hearing, the District Judge chose the maximum of the 20-30 year sentence contained in the plea agreement.
The victim’s daughter testified that she went to her mother’s house the evening of October 15, 2001 after neighbors called and said windows had been shattered from inside the house. She was afraid to enter the residence due to fear of her brother, so she called authorities. Officer Kevin Meador testified that when he looked through the bedroom window he saw a naked, bloody man standing over what he learned later was a woman’s mutilated body. Another officer saw Cala eat what appeared to be an organ (according to police reports). Meador and other officers took him into custody. He told them they had interrupted his “sacrifice.” The 76 pound woman had a broken nose, teeth, collar bone, ribs and multiple bruises and cuts likely caused by fists or feet (from medical examiner’s findings). After she died her chest and abdomen were cut open and some organs were removed (Medical Examiner’s testimony). Part of her heart contained teeth marks and a piece was missing.

In Paul A. Bonacci v. Lawrence E. King[11] the court documents (and a book published by Paul Bonacci’s attorney, ex-senator John de Camp), state that Lawrence E. King organized groups of children to sexually blackmail and compromise politicians and businessmen while serving as Manager of the Franklin Credit Union in Omaha, Nebraska. King had political ties that reached the Presidency of the United States and he sang at the 1988 Republican National Convention in New Orleans.

Paul Bonacci, who suffers from Multiple Personality Disorder (now called Dissociative Identity Disorder) stated that, as a youth, he had been subjected to mind control. He had been transported across the U.S. and was forced to have sex with various people, forced to deliver drugs and forced to participate in Satanic snuff films[12] where Lawrence E. King was present. He identified the Bohemian Grove in Northern California, a well known gathering/meeting site for politicians, as the location of a Satanic murder, and he had inside knowledge about many Satanic ritual abuse cases around the country that he claimed to be present at. These include a case in Jordan, Minnesota, in which Jim Rod was the only defendant charged, and in Bakersfield, California, another case, in which several individuals were criminally charged for the sexual abuse of children within the context of ritual abuse.

Note 1: There were claims of high level pressure and threats against those who testified forcing some to recant their testimony. One sexual abuse victim, Alicia Owen, was charged with perjury due to naming the Police Chief, Robert Wodman, as one of the abusers. She served prison time for this charge but was released in 2000. Paul Bonacci claimed that the sex ring that plunged him into Satanism and Mind Control was centered at Offutt U.S. Air Force Base, near Omaha. The main investigator assigned to his case, Gary Cadiori, died in a suspicious plane crash shortly after he took statements from the children. John DeCamp linked Lt. Col. Michael Aquino, leader of the Satanic group, The Temple of Set, to mind control operations. Child victims gave evidence in depth of the roles of Lt. Col. Michael Aquino, “He was long the leader of Army Psychological Warfare Section which drew on his expertise and personal practice in brainwashing, Satanism, Nazism, homosexual pedophilia and murder.”
There are many other court cases that could be cited. The above was meant only to be an insight into the proven cases where Satanism was the motivation to do great evil. It is very broad based. The point of this writing is to document through proven sources that Satan is active at many levels, in many ways, to corrupt and lie, destroy and kill us. In Christ (those of us who know Him and have His Holy Spirit within us), if we use His authority, we can and do defeat and shut Satan down.

Note 2: Snuff film—A pornographic movie of an actual murder (the person is actually murdered or commits suicide). In the case of Australian pedophile Peter Scully revealed that he was selling on the dark web films of himself torturing and raping children, but these films do not show him murdering the victims.


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