What Dissociative Identity Disorder (or Multiple Personality Disorder) Is All About

Norman L. Coad, D.Min

All people who dissociate have certain characteristics in common:

• They have the hereditary ability to form personalities/alters by splitting their personality.

• They have all been traumatized by some form of abuse. The abuse may be intentional or unintentional. The trauma arises out of verbal, physical, sexual, emotional, psychological and other traumas. Sexual, physical and Satanic ritual abuse are common. They may be traumatized in the womb, the birthing process, neglect, abandonment or fear, etc.

• Many of our heroes are traumatized by work related events: the horrors of war in military, commonly called Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, firemen may be traumatized by the fires and horrific accidents they must deal with, police are almost always afraid someone is going to try to kill them. More women are abused than men, at a ratio of about three women for every man, so that DID or MPD is more common in women.

• Much of the abuse occurs very early in life in the family of origin.

• There is demonization when the person is traumatized by some form of abuse and made to feel powerless, unprotected and isolated.

• Their basic trust is all but destroyed.

• To the abused, words like “normal,” “right” and “healthy” have been distorted, or have no meaning at all. They are the little boy or girl outside the candy store who never get to taste the sweets and can only wish and wonder what “normal” and “healthy” is.

• To them, love is always conditional and performance based. This is the only type of love or acceptance they have ever experienced.

• Their self esteem is low. Self-hatred and self-rejection are common.

• They are so conflicted within themselves that they do not know who they are.

• Their boundaries are poor to non-existent.

Dissociative facts of life push life to the extremes. They live in the extremes. Nothing is done in moderation. That is because their separated parts (called “alters” or “personalities”) are programmed by demons, spirits of the dead and workers of iniquity. All alters have limited capabilities. They are, after all, only parts of the whole.

It is true of programming, as in all things demonic, nothing is what it seems to be. Deception and lies mark every aspect of programmed personalities. Some of the types of programmed alters are as follows:

The Full Alter—They look like a person with human features and attributes. Within one person there may be males or females, adults, or many children. The alters stop growing psychologically and emotionally at the point of trauma.

Fragments—These are split off parts of the birth personality forming parts of alters.

Fuzed Alters—These are usually full alters that have been made hollow and are just a mere shell. Evil spirits are put within to control, cause the alter to act out in evil ways. The evil ones are protected from pain by a veneer of human personality. These alters have no life of their own.

False Alters—They are programmed to live so as to confuse, to cover up what is really going on within the individual and his or her system of alters.

Segmented Alters—These alters are split and put into individual partitioned areas of the larger whole. The partitions must be removed before deprogramming can take place and be complete.

Changed Alter—This alter is programmed to be changed in appearance and function— as in a human being changed into a bird or a lion. Changed alters function with the characteristics of the being they have been altered to. Stages of the process are: human state, slivered state (change in process) the transmogrified state. The deprogramming is just the opposite.

Siphon Alter—They are programmed by demons to be conduits that are culturally adapted and linguistically fluent to a particular group. They feel empty within until someone comes and works through them (much like a siphon hose is empty until water flows through it).

Dispersed Alter—They are a whole that has been pulverized into tiny dust particles and blown in all directions. The particle separate and are no longer whole. It is almost impossible to reconstruct and heal these by human effort. Therefore the Lord has prepared angels to gather up the particles and reform them again. Then, we who work with them, can do the necessary healing and deprogramming.

Laminated Alter—Demons and spirits of the dead are laminated to the alters so that they function as one. The evil ones, stuck to the alters, continually give the alters their demonic thoughts, attitudes, emotions and behaviors until the alters believe they are their own. This is not true but lies, deception and confusion. They, the evil ones, with their demonic thoughts, attitudes, emotions and behaviors are separated from the alter by the “sword of the Spirit” (God’s Word) and the faith and authority of the one working with the individual.[1]

Carl Rogers said a long time ago that the major factors that are of primary importance are two: the client and his/her environment and the therapist, their personal knowledge of themselves and their subject matter. This is never more true than when the counselor and the client are working with Dissociative Identity Disorder or Multiple Personality Disorder.

The client needs to be willing to deal with the pain of the revelations that arise. They also must decide to trust the counselor. If people never get better under the counselor, change counselors.

The counselor should be trained in psychology and counseling. They must also be born-again believers in the Lord Jesus Christ, Jeshua the Messiah. They must be a mature Christian with Bible informed intelligence. They must have an ongoing dialogue with the Spirit of the Lord and be mature in receiving and applying words of knowledge and words of wisdom in the counseling experience. They must be men and women of faith. If they are not biblical supernaturalists, they will not do well. (See The Divided Soul, chapter on Limitations and Cautions, p 31-34.)


1. N.L. Coad. The Divided Soul. Coadword Books, Burleson, Texas, p 48-53.

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