If you or someone you love is affected by Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), also known as Multiple Personality Disorder or Split Personality, you probably have a lot of questions. Dr. Norman Coad, who has spent many years working with DID clients, has prepared a series of Articles he hopes you will find helpful in dealing with this disorder and deciding how to move forward. These articles are complementary to his book, The Divided Soul – A Biblical, Theological & Psychological Approach to Therapy and Healing of Dissociative Identity Disorder that is available for sale in our Book Store, but does not duplicate that information.

The book is aimed at professional therapists and offers them insight into treatment prayers and modalities that Dr. Coad has found helpful. The articles are aimed at you if you have found your way here.

Index of Articles

  1. Historical Roots of Dissociation
  2. Hereditary Defense Mechanisms
  3. Alcoholism and Drugs in the Family
  4. The Marks that Identify Satanism and Ritual Abuse
  5. Anger
  6. Diseases, Demonization and Death
  7. Self-esteem
  8. Therapy for Self-esteem
  9. Diverse Family Structures
  10. A Model of Healthy Functioning Family and Individuals
  11. Boundaries
  12. What is Dissociative Identity Disorder/Multiple Personality Disorder All About?
  13. Where Demons Hide — In Hidden Places
  14. Where Demons Hide — In the Open
  15. Satan’s Destructive Works