The Marks That Identify Satanism and Ritual Abuse

Norman L. Coad, D.Min

Satan The one who opposes us. The accuser of men.[1]

He is the enemy, the great enemy of man and goodness. He is the devil, the one who slanders us. He is the chief evil spirit, a supernatural being subordinate to, and the foe of God and the tempter of men. He is a demon whose residence is Hell. He is called Lucifer, light bearer; the leader of the revolt of the angels before they fell and were cast out of heaven by Michael the archangel, an angel of the highest order of angels.[2]

Satanic, having the qualities of, or resembling Satan; extremely malicious—full of wickedness, crafty, badness and spitefulness, hatred, intent on harming, filled with ill will, of Hell and all its evil.[3]

Satanist, a very wicked person who honors Satan by doing evil, Satanism, worships Satan, the rites, rituals, ceremonial procedures of their worship, the set form of, or procedures employed in, honoring Satan.[4]

Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.[5] Everything evil and flawed comes from Satan and Hell. Satan has no virtue, no effective power to heal or strengthen, does no right action, has no moral goodness, no morality at all. He is evil and works wickedness. He is a stumbling block to us.[6]

Those who follow Satan’s evil ways belong to, and are the children of Satan, and carry out his desires. He, Satan, was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.[7]

Those who live a life doing evil are described by two biblical words, belial and reprobate. The term “sons of belial” means “those under the authority of Belial, who submit to his teachings, obediently carry out works similar to what he does.” The sons of Eli the high priest of Israel were called belial.[8] They defiled the meat offerings given to the Lord. They had sex with the women who served at the entrance of the tent of meeting.[9] The Lord let them be killed in battle and Eli died as well.[10]

The belial are worthless, dedicated to destruction, given to lawlessness, useless and base—morally low, disgraceful, dishonorable, shameful, etc. They oppose God and his leaders. [11] They induce worship of other gods. They commit sex crimes, carry out evil. They make false charges against honest men.[12]

The reprobate is one who is rejected and abandoned as being beyond saving and is condemned to damnation.[13]

In Romans there is a complete description of the person given over to a reprobate mind. Even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do things which are not convenient.[14] The alternate reading of this text is, “Furthermore, since they did not think it worthwhile to retain the knowledge of God, He gave them over to a depraved mind, to do what ought not to be done.[15]

One attains to a reprobate mind, no one is born that way. The process of godlessness and wickedness of men, who suppress the truth by their wickedness brings on them God’s wrath—His vehement exasperation, indignation and fury. As a result of their thoughts, attitudes, emotions and behaviors He gives them over to the consequences of their depravity. What they have earned by their sin He lets them have.

Paul set out a listing of acts that characterize them. They lack respect for religion, have hostility to moral guidelines, exercise unrestrained rebellion against God’s biblical limits. They are without excuse. They are not ignorant of the truth, but suppress it by their evil works. They ignore the natural revelations of God in the created universe. They ignore God’s revealed truth, God’s eternal power and divine nature being clearly revealed in the created world.[16]

They know there is a God, however they do not exalt and honor God nor show love by being obedient to His commandments and do what He says.[17] They are not grateful to God; they do not thank Him. They have no gratitude. The mental and ethical results of this are disastrous. Their thinking becomes useless, futile. Their minds are darkened and their thoughts are foolish. They claim they are wise and reject God. The fool says in his heart there is no God.[18] The social corruption flows from this. They practice uncontrolled indulgence that produces sexual license and this indulgence leads to idolatrous spiritual practice, sexual perversion and a base reprobate mind. Their minds are filled with refuse—worthless, useless rubbish.

The climax of this is paganism with vile affections and perverted sex. They become law breakers filled with unrighteousness, fornication, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness, are filled with envy, murder, strife, deceit and malice. They gossip, become slanderers, God-haters, insolent, arrogant and boastful. They invent ways of doing evil and are disobedient to their parents. They are senseless, faithless, heartless and ruthless. As they continue to do these things they gradually cede power over their will until they are completely controlled by Satan, demons, the spirits of the dead and workers of iniquity, a way of life built on lies. They reach the point where they do evil things and approve of those who practice them.

At a point in time the evil ones lead them to Satanic worship which includes ritual abuse and murder. There is nothing new in this. Starting with the fall of man and the cohabitation of fallen angels with human females and the children they produced was a corruption of our human nature. These nephilim were hybrids made up of demon genes and human genes. Their character grieved the Lord deeply. Their lives, like ours, were marked by wickedness, evil corruption and violence. Every imagination of the thoughts of man’s heart was only evil continually.[19]

Their lifestyle and wickedness manifests itself in their worship. They love darkness rather than light because their deeds are evil.[20] As a result, they practice the occult. The occult is hidden, secret, dark, hidden from view and the light so it will not be discovered. It is evil, supernatural and destructive. Those who seek it out do so for some benefit of money, power or authority and/or position and influence.

The Canaanite gods of Baal and Asherah or Astarte developed cult worship to manipulate fertility of men and women and agriculture, to affect the weather, wind, seasons, war, to help the sailor and merchant on the seas, and to affect ancestral spirits (spirits of the unredeemed dead human beings). Baal was the king of the gods. Jezebel worked to introduce Baal worship into the northern kingdom of Israel whose capital was Samaria.[21] The Asherah was the name of the fertility goddess and the place where men and women prostituted in groves of green trees in high places which were marked by an upright pole (at times referred to as an Asherah pole).[22] Baal and Asherah were worshiped together. Asherah worshipers consulted the wooden idol and were answered by a stick of wood. [23]

Satanic practice is in opposition to the biblical commandments and things prohibited. These are the very things satanists engage in. A listing of forbidden practices in Deuteronomy 18 is:

  •  Do not sacrifice your son or daughter in the fire.
  •  Do not practice divination or sorcery, interpret omens or engage in witchcraft.
  •  Do not cast spells or consult mediums or spiritists or consult the dead.


  •  Divination—the act or practice of trying to foretell the future by occult means.
  •  Sorcery—the use of evil supernatural power over people and their affairs.
    • The interpretation of omens, signs, thoughts or events—behaviors interpreted as indicators of good or bad events or outcomes.
  • Witchcraft—the power or practices of witches, black magic or white magic.
  • Mediums—a person through whom communications are sent to the living from spirits of the dead.
  • Spiritists—those who communicate to the dead and the dead to them.
  • Augury—the practice of spiritualists who interpret omens in things such as: patterns of things thrown on the ground, the entrails of sacrificial animals, palm reading, etc.[24]

Baal worship evolved out of agricultural fertility shrines where fruits from the earth and firstlings of cattle were sacrificed to Baal.[25]

The sacrifice of children is central to the worship of Molech.[26] However, at times of crisis, Baal’s followers sacrificed their children to gain personal prosperity.[27]

In Satanism sex is often substituted for worship. Asherah was Baal’s mother and also his mistress. Her worshipers were encouraged to engage in immoral sex to ensure good harvests.[28]

In the New Testament the old Canaanite gods were renamed but still practiced: Zeus or Jupiter took the role of Baal, Artemis the goddess of childbirth and fertility and Aphrodite the goddess of love.[29]

Two words are used to denote prostitute: zonah and kedeshah (or qedesha). Zonah means an ordinary prostitute, or loose woman. Kedeshah (or qedesha) is used to denote a follower of the Canaanite religion cultic prostitution. Male priests who engaged in homosexual sacred prostitution were called kadesh.[30]

Pagans practiced sympathetic magic. It is based on:

  •  The Law of Similarity—the sorcerer or voodoo priest believes he/she can produce any effect desired merely by imitating it.
  •  The Law of Contact (or Law of Contagion)—the things that are and have been in contact with each other continue to act on each other at a distance after physical contact has been severed.[31]
  •  Magic—from the Magi, skilled sorcerers of the Medes and Persians.[32]

In Clinton E. Arnold’s book Power and Magic, The Concept of Power in Ephesians. The magical beliefs were based on:

  •  A spirit world exercises influence over virtually every aspect of life.
  •  The magician’s job was to discern the helpful spirits from the harmful ones and learn the distinct operations and the relative strengths and authority of the spirits.
  •  Means could be constructed to manipulate the spirits in the interest of the individual person.
  •  Spoken or Written Formulas, amulets (something worn as a remedy or protection against evil
    or demons), etc.
  • The magical charms and formulas could also do harm by uttering a curse against them.[33]

Torture and blood sacrifice are common in Satanism. This is seen in the lowest forms of pornography where the sexual functioning of the individual is deadened by perverted sex. It takes more and more kinky, twisted stimuli to bring on ejaculation or orgasm in the sex act.

  • Sadism (after Marquis de Sade, 1740–1814, whose writings described sexual deviation)—getting sexual pleasure from dominating, mistreating or hurting one’s partner physically or otherwise.
  •  Masochism (after Leopold von Sacher–Masoch 1835–1895)—whose stories describe getting sexual pleasure from being dominated, mistreated or hurt physically or otherwise by one’s partner. [34]

These forms of Satanism are prevalent today. It goes on all around us. There are many court cases of public record that attest to the ongoing vitality of Satanism. [35]

On August 24, 1989, Charles McCorkle, V.W.E. Johnson, Warden, Joseph Kolb, Chaplain, Freddie V. Smith, Commissioner, United States Court of Appeals, Eleventh Circuit, 881F.2d.993, Denial of Satanic Material affirmed, after review, Charles McCorkle, a state prisoner confined in the Holman facility in Alabama, filed a complaint seeking redress for deprivation of his first amendment rights to freely exercise his chosen religion—Satanism. The prison officials denied the request to access certain satanic books and articles, including The Satanic Bible, The Satanic Book of Rituals, and A Satanic Medallion, because they posed security threats and were directly contrary to the goals of the institution. The court ruled the violence inherent in Satan worship and the potential disorder it might cause within the prison justifies the plaintiff’s decision.

McCorkle recounted two of the rituals espoused by The Satanic Book of Rituals. The fertility ritual, including the sacrifice of a female virgin (preferably a Christian) and the initiation ritual called for wrist slashing, blood drinking and the consumption of human flesh—usually fingers. The candles preferred by the plaintiff and other Satanists were not made of wax or paraffin, instead they are made from the fat of unbaptized infants. The plaintiff had been observed drawing his own blood by slicing his own wrists and had asked other inmates for blood.

The warden testified that upon review of The Satanic Bible, he concluded that persons following its teachings would murder, rape or rob at will without regard for moral or legal consequences. The court noted that there were several satanic sects represented at Holmen Prison who did not need these specific books to practice their religion. Anton Syandor LaVey (born Howard Stanton LaVey, April 11, 1930–d. October 29, 1997) is the founder of the Church of Satan, and wrote, The Satanic Bible, The Satanic Rituals, The Satanic Witch, The Devil’s Notebook and Satan Speaks. He is quoted in a chapter from The Book of Satan that “right and wrong had been inverted too long.” He challenged readers to “rebel against the laws of man and God.” He declared that hatred of one’s enemies was of utmost importance and that revenge should be a top priority. [36]

The legal community seems to have chosen to use the scientific community and its research base as the means by which the reality of satanic ritual abuse is established. The defining court case is Echols vs. State (1996) Appellate Court of the State of Arkansas. The court did not allow the evidence to prove that Satanism or occultism is generally not accepted in the scientific community.

“Rather, the court admitted the evidence as proof of the motive for committing murders, entire families have been implicated in the ritual abuse of children which proves the fact that generational Satanism exists.” They then referenced several court cases. (See Parker [1995], Figured/Hill [1994] and Gallup [1991]). Perpetrators have been found to be professionals who work in law enforcement, the military or day care. Christian fronts have been used in some instances as a means of hiding the satanic motivation of the perpetrators. (See Cannaday [1994] Wright [1992], Gallop [1991] and Arr [1984]). In several cases the perpetrators have confessed to the satanic element of the crime of participation in prior satanic offenses. (See Helms [2006], Cala [2003], Smith [2003], Delaney [2002], Morris [2001], South [2000], Page [2000], T. Kokoraleis [1999], Bonacci [1999], Brooks [1996], Huges [1996], Penick [1995], Alvarado [1995], Ingram [1992], Rogers [1992] and Fryman [1988]).The False Memory Syndrome Foundation has been using the appellate courts to overturn case convictions involving ritual abuse themes. The appellate court cases became the set legal precedent. They stand and are used to make other case decisions. If they are undermined or overturned, the legal precedent falls. At this time, the level of documentation is quite extensive; they are law.[37]

To date, The False Memory Syndrome Foundation has no criteria for one of the primary features of the proposed syndrome—how to determine whether the accusation is true or false. They contend that false memories can be easily created. Their proof anecdotal they also contend is that faulty therapy causes false memories. These are also anecdotal, and some are examples of people who recovered their memories outside of therapy.[38]

In Texas, the procedure required by the State Board of Texas who govern counselor their is that all such recovered memories are reported to the Texas hot line for sexual abuse of children. The decision making is at the State level, not the individual therapist. The State decision is then given to Child Protective Services to follow up on the claimed abuse.

The Brown University study published over one hundred corroborated cases of Inability to Remember Sustained Abuse.[39] False Memory Syndrome describes a condition in which a person’s identity and relationships are affected by memories that are factually incorrect but that they strongly believe.[40]

The term is not recognized as a psychiatric illness in any of the medical manuals, such as the ICD-IU or the DSM-5, however a large number of scientists accept it.[41]

Brown states that when pro-false memory expert witnesses and attorneys state there is no causal specific between child sexual abuse and adult psychopathology, that child sexual abuse doesn’t cause specific trauma-related problems like borderline and dissociative identity disorder, that other variables then child sexual abuse can explain the variance of adult psychopathology and the long-term effects of child sexual abuse are non-specific and general, that this testimony is inaccurate and has the potential of misleading juries.[42]

In Summary,

  •  Satanism and ritual abuse have a long and evil history dating back millennia.
  •  It exists in all countries of the world.
  • It is active and present in our world as is evidenced by numerous court cases.
  •  It is both satanic and occult.
  •  It cannot be verified scientifically. However, it is a fact and is a motivation that some exercise to do ritual abuse to men, women and children.
  •  There are many cases of documented and corroborated cases of a person’s inability to remember sustained abuse who later recalled what happened.


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